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The following packages are all written for the R environment for statistical computing


Lynch AG and Dunning MJ

A package to aid the detection of sample mis-mappings when dealing with expression and genotype data. Still very much under development.


Spyrou C, Cairns J, Stark R, Lynch AG and Tavaré S

An implementation of the BayesPeak algorithm for peak-calling in ChIP-seq data.


Lynch AG

Defining a suite of colours that my colleagues might find useful. 


Dunning MJ, Smith ML, Cairns J, Lynch AG and Ritchie ME

A package to facilitate the analysis of Illumina BeadArray data from its rawest format. When dealing with the probe-level (rather than summarized) data that Illumina scanners can produce, new quality control and analysis approaches become possible, and some are provided.

Smith ML and Lynch AG

Provides a novel compression schema for the representation of BeadArray data, and tools for converting to and from this format
Andy Lynch,
2 Jul 2012, 10:14