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Media Coverage

Cooper et al. 2015 was featured in the following:

The Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma ICGC project's first paper (Weaver et al. 2014) was the subject of a 'News and Views' piece  

METABRIC (Curtis et al. 2012) attracted a fair amount of coverage in April 2012. 

BBC radio's "The Material World"

Earlier, Research Horizons had run "Data mining the complex cancer landscape

Ahmed et al. 2011 was evaluated in the Faculty of 1000 in October 2011 (although the evaluation does not appear extensive enough to have required the acknowledgement of assistance in its preparation): Evaluation 

I grant you that the studies I work on are tricky to illustrate but, In April 2011, The Daily Mail hit new heights when it ran a feature on the Galbraith et al. 2011 'fan study': "Could a gust of cool air ease breathlessness?"

Following Cairns et al. 2008, there was a profile of me in bioarray news on genomeweb. No - I don't actually speak like that (I have been translated into american), but yes - apparently I do look that miserable: CRUK Team Designs Tool to Remove Defective Data from Illumina Arrays (subscription required).

Bernard et al. 2008 was evaluated in the Faculty of 1000 in May 2008: Evaluation 

The highlight of any statistician's career, of course, is to be quoted in a fanzine of Watford football club. The RSS Christmas Quiz achieved that for me: "Blind Stupid and Desparate"