About me

PhD(Eng.) Ali Hanzala Khan is Assistant Professor of Software Engineering at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). Previously, he was working as Post Doctoral Researcher at Åbo Akademi University Finland under the supervision of Prof. Ivan Porres

He has earned his doctoral degree with specialization of Software Engineering in 2013 from Åbo Akademi University Finland, and the topic of his thesis is “Consistency of UML based designs using Ontology Reasoners”. The thesis is available online at the following link: http://www.doria.fi/handle/10024/93808.

Also, he has more than eleven years of teaching, research and development experience. His research areas include: modelling, metamodeling, model validation, conceptual modeling, knowledge engineering, semantic web, ontology engineering, automatic reasoning, translation of different kinds of UML-like models into ontology.

Before starting his PhD he was working as a research consultant in FOI Swedish Defence Research Agency in Stockholm Sweden on the payroll of Stockholm University, in FOI he has proposed a Conceptual Modelling Language and its framework for Mission and Space Models. The detail of this research is also documented in the form of a technical report and available at the following link: Click Here

He did Masters in Software Engineering from KTH The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and his MS thesis was about “Transformation of UML Behavioural Models into Ontologies”. The masters thesis is available at the following link: http://daisy.dsv.su.se/anstalld/publikation/publicationInfo.jspa?publikationID=9047

Nowadays, his motive is to transfer all his knowledge and expertise to the students at all levels so that they may learn and contribute in the betterment of the scientific world.