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Cuusoo tips to hit the big 10k

posted Jun 13, 2012, 1:12 PM by Andy Chen
  1. New parts ideas alone don't exactly rake in the supporters. Incorporate it in a virtual MOC and you will see progress.
  2. SNOT, SNOT, SNOT! Use a lot of SNOT construction and cheese slopes in a way so that it forms a nicely sculpted round shape that people will want instructions to build.
  3. License a popular, appropriate, and reasonable theme and make good designs for it. Be careful of PG-13 content, but make it appeal to a wide audience, and be mindful of the many factors, such as Hasbro being Lego's competitor, making Star Wars action figures and MLP: FIM projects difficult or simply halted.
  4. Do not shamelessly advertise wherever permitted. This will seem noobish and lose potential supporters who now won't even click your link.
  5. Do not be afraid to insert new pieces! This will increase supporters as long as it's not for the piece alone.
  6. Stay within the $20-60 price range. Only go over 100 for enormous Star Wars and Technic sets.
  7. Post a quality, finalized model with appealing functions, not simply the logo of whatever you're licensing. Imagine your model was an actual set and not just another concept model. The easier it is to see it on the store shelves, the better.
  8. Be unique! Make them say, "We lack this in LEGO, but this would be perfect to fill the gap!