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Fighters Guide

This is my guide for air to air combat in the game World War II Online. All relevant information can be found below in the subpages links. If the subpage links refuse to load, then click on the sitemap link in the left hand menu.

Becoming a good fighter pilot is not simply learning manuevers and putting marks on your checklist. There is not a step by step procedure to it (if it was it'd be very boring). A pilot must train himself to be able to instinctively know whether one maneuver or another is warranted or adviseable in a certain situation. In some cases a pilot has to make up manuevers on the spot. Once you learn the fundamentals of flying solidly, you will no longer have to memorize books or manuevers, and instead will be able to fly according to your wits.

The majority of pilots will be lone wolves, flying by themselves into dangerous areas. If you find a wingman or even a squad to fly with you will find the level of fun and the level of success you have will rise dramatically. If you are not part of squad simply ask on channel 20 (Luftwaffe channel) or in the hangar forums for a wingman to fly with.

And remember, as one USAF pilot said "If you find yourself in a fair fight, then you planned it wrong."
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