Maci Drake

est. 7/31/08 

Day  1 



 Apgar Score:

 8 after 1 minute

 9 after 3 minutes

I was a little blue because my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck.  Who wants to be perfect anyway?





 Here's my weight:

      5 lbs 15.3 oz

Please note: This will be the only appropriate time to ask about my weight.









Gettin' ready for my first bath







 Apparently my family and friends think I have "gobs of hair."  I still can't figure out if gobs has a positive or negative connotation. 






Why does every parent think they can take a picture of their child taking a bath? 












Now, while I know I haven't experienced too many things in life up until this point, this is by far the best.



 Just chillin' on Dad's legs. 

As a side note, I really like his jeans and hope he continues  wearing them everyday.




Day 2 



Don't I have rockstar hair?













Mom's giving me a little TLC.















Dad's really bony.  It's hard to get comfortable in his arms.













I just get real sleepy sometimes...













Here I am















Mom wanted to see what I looked like with my hat on.  I decided not to wear it because

A: it's too big

B: why cover my beautiful hair?

C: It's 95 degrees outside









This is our first family photo










Peace.  Home.  No more poking and prodding by those nurses and doctors.

















































































































Option B

Option C

(We can get this one in color)