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Colonial Roads Circa 1752: As one of the earliest East-West roads, the Lancaster Road Linked Philadelphia to Harrisburg before 1730.  A connection from Lancaster to Winchester, Virginia in early 1740s created what was either called the Philadelphia Wagon Road or the Great Valley Road.  The Fall Line Road crossed Virginia and the Carolinas and, eventually, into Georgia.  By 1745, the Pioneer's Road had connected Alexandria to Winchester, Virginia joining Virginia’s Great Valley Road By 1750, the Upper Road became an important wagon route for migrations into North Carolina.


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WHAT DID THEY MEAN BY THAT?;A Dictionary of Historical and Genealogical Terms, Old and New. A very popular dictionary for genealogists and historians; the definitions with examples of thousands of words and expressions found in the records of churches, courts’ orders and minutes, records of governments, taxing offices, immigration documents, military records, tax and land, law, and myriad other early and recent writings and records of all sorts. 2003, 335 pages, hard cover. $30.00

More What Did They Mean By That; A sequel to the above dictionary with additional obsolete, yet frequently encountered early words, terms and expressions found in old writings and records.  Here are hundreds of household items, clothing and fabrics, cooking and kitchen utensils, china and dishes, foods, liquors and wines, occupations tools and many legal terms and explanations of those terms, and expressions very often found in government, land patents, surveys, taxes and tithes, parishes, military matters and parish minutes and vestries.  An invaluable aid for all genealogical and historical researchers.  195 pages, hard cover, illustrations and photos with examples given for each entry, 2006. $24.50 

IN SEARCH OF FAMILY HISTORY; A Starting Place. Grown from 35 years of teaching and writing, here is a beginners’ guidebook and "how-to" search for family history. This work takes the reader from the very first steps in interviews, through veterans’ and military records, libraries, archives, courthouses and how to organize your work in order that you may move forward. A must for the beginning and intermediate genealogy buff, as well as for those who need to ‘brush-up’ on research techniques. 145 pages, 1995, soft cover, illustrations and photos with full index. $27.00 

GENEALOGY; How To Find Your Ancestors A sequel to "In Search Of Family History" and designed for those who have or want to move ahead to an intermediate step in research techniques. Includes the use of the internet, with emphasis of the shortcomings as well as the advantages of that new and wonderful tool. Co-authored by Ms. Margaret Driskill of Alabama. 141 pages, 2000, illustrations and photos, soft cover. $29.00  

YOU OUGHT TO WRITE ALL THAT DOWN; A Guide To Organizing And Writing Genealogical Narrative. A complete how-to organize, write and publish a narrative history of your family and its activities. Very favorably and widely reviewed, and a must for the library of all who do family research and have given thought to writing of your findings, tales of your families, and of your recollections. 206 pages, 1998, fully indexed with appendices and llustrations and photographs. $34.00

NOW IN OUR FOURTH CENTURY; Some American Families. A massive and detailed narrative family history of some 60 families who arrived in the American Colonies between 1635 and 1900, and of many of their descendants and collateral lines. With some 650+ pages, 6000 index entries, and a very readable history, this is a wonderful narrative that weaves into these family facts myriad interesting details of American and English history. Very popular and highly acclaimed work available on CD-Rom with Adobe Acrobat included.form). $25.00 (Oop in printed form)  

MISSING PIECES; How To Find Birth Parents And Adopted Children A complete and much needed handbook and "how-to" for those who would search for and reunite with children previously given over to the adoption system, as well as for those adoptees who seek birth parents. In addition, since no one is better trained than are genealogists to locate such folks as a service to others, here is instruction for those folks, as well. For the first time, here is a highly readable and user-friendly guide through the emotional hurdles and the maze of adoption laws and regulations and the techniques used to locate those caught up in the system. Very highly acclaimed and a must for all who want to reunite with their families or assist others in doing so. Co-authored by Ms. Beth Sherrill of Tennessee. 281 pages, photos, 2004, soft cover. $27.50

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Retired Railroad Telegrapher Seeks Mayor’s Job at Marion Ohio.(1929)