Welcome to the Drakenhold website. This site is all about my awesome gameroom renovation. As a player of roleplaying games, boardgames, and miniature games I needed a proper gameroom in which I could fully engage in my hobbies. I decided early on that only a medieval theme room will do, thus Drakenhold was born. This project took several months to get it to its present state and will never truly be complete. As it turns out the middle ages are hundreds of years out of fashion so nearly everything had to be custom made. I hope you find my gameroom entertaining and perhaps inspire you to build your own.
This is a good overall view of the game table and chairs. In the background you can see my wall of bookcases to hold all my gaming stuff. You can click on any of the pictures to get a larger view.
 The table and chairs are made of plywood and stained in a rich dark color. A friend and I built the chairs from plans we got off the internet. These are gothic SCA style chairs.
On the backs of the chairs each of my regular players have thier coat of arms. 
 In this picture is the gameroom door. The origional door was covered with paneling and fancy false hinges from Fatezzi were added. The walls of the room were painted to look like stone.
 Wooden prop weapons were painted up to look like real weapons and placed in a custom built weapon rack.
  The windows have been covered with contact film to look like stained glass.
I had banners custom made to hang on the wall. Here are the coats of arms of my family and my wife's. I had the work done by the fine folks at Steady Hands: http://www.yesteadyhands.com/
Here is a close up of the dragon sculpture from Design Toscano: http://www.designtoscano.com/ 

I custom made coat of arms plaques for all my family and friends and placed them all around the walls

Here is a picture of one of the wall sconces. I got mine from Amazon.com for about $7 each.
 The treasure chest came from Trees n Trends and holds some of my craft supplies.
 The room has a place for everything, including a strongbox for my dice.
Well that's it for the teaser pictures for now. I will continue to add more pictures as they come available. Thanks for dropping by and checking things out.
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