About Me

I am a senior biomedical engineering student at the University of South Carolina (USC), more specifically the Honors College. Beyond my engineering major, I am pursuing three areas of minor study: Spanish, Biology, and Neuroscience. I will be graduating from the university in May of 2014 with leadership distinction in global learning, and moving on to attend medical school!

I hope someday to work as a pediatric specialist, and am considering orthopedic surgery. I plan to be active in global health, doing research abroad while in medical school and working as a volunteer doctor in underdeveloped countries once certified, possibly through an association with an established organization like Doctors Without Borders. My love for travel and international community service was sparked during my study abroad adventures in college, supplemented by my courses in foreign language and culture. One of the biggest impacts of my travels is that they have provided me with insight into the workings of medical systems in other countries, from the limited resources of rural Belize to the unlimited access of socialized medicine in Spain. (To see more information on my experiences with health care systems while abroad, please read my in-depth analysis of global health.) This exposure has altered my career goals, and this is why I hope to incorporate my new-found passion for global health into my medical education and career.

I will enumerate in this portfolio those international experiences and expound upon their impact on my opinions and career goals. For more information on the general influences of my global experiences, please read some of the key insights I gained. Or, read an analysis of the new perspective that my travel has provided me on a number of commonplace concepts. Additionally, I will describe how I have applied (and will continue to apply) what I have learned from travel through leadership opportunities.
Kristina Drake,
Feb 20, 2014, 4:59 PM
Kristina Drake,
Feb 18, 2014, 8:27 PM