I'm torn about reviewing Richard. One side of me says he's awesome, knowledgeable, honest so why wouldn't I give a good review. The other side says a good review means others will discover him and then he may be too busy next time you need him. What to do.

It's hard to find good people in any service industry and when you don't know a lot about plumbing/etc., you want someone on your side. The plumber that charged me $175/hr and had various add-ons for things that I didn't even think were broken? Yeah, he wasn't on my side and it hurt.

I own a duplex and have worked with various trades since my old house is constantly breaking. Over the years I've slowly found my go-to people for each of the trades and Rich is definitely going to be my go to sewer/drain dude. My dad is also in the rental business and owns a few triplexes and uses Richard as well. Has always been happy with the service and he has done all his drains and each year cleans out the main sewer line to the street because of the tree root problem.

He just came over, took care of my problems in no time. On one of my drains, he showed me before he started that it was such an old pipe that the water was leaking through the pipe (weird! Who knew that happened?). He warned me he'd try to clean it out but because it was old, it may break. Well, it ended up breaking (sad) but he said he wouldn't charge me for that drain and offered to recommend a plumber if I didn't have one already.

His prices are extremely reasonable. Happy to support this local, honest small business!




I recommend Richard!
Our kitchen sink drain was clogged, and water had backed up into the dishwasher, leaving me unable to run the washer, wash dishes, etc. That called for a quick fix.

I called him and he made it a priority to help us. He arrived within a half hour, fixed the problem, and was friendly and professional. 

If you have plumbing or drain issues, you can feel confident in calling Richard.

--- a customer in Gulf Breeze ---


The guy showed up at 11:15. He was professional and was done in less than an hour. I had what I suspected, a main line blockage , but he got it all resolved. I can take care of minor plumbing issues, but for the big jobs...Drain Surgeon is the ONLY way to go!

---Steve, Pace, FL---

So, the day before a holiday dinner party for 22 people, a cleaning cloth was accidentally flushed down a toilet. late that evening we discovered that the cloth had stopped up our main sewer line. I called drain surgeon at 12:45 a.m. and was greeted politely and professionally and was assured that he would be at my home after 8:00 a.m. the next morning to take care of our problem. At 8:30 a.m. that morning I checked back with and was told that he was on his way. He arrived a few minutes later and I explained what had happened, he then diagnosed the problem and went to work. Within a short time, the clog was removed and dinner preparations could begin. He was professional, knowledgeable and courteous and got the job done quickly. With our drains running clear, our dinner party for 22 was a success. For excellent service call him. Thank you for a job well done!

---Jennifer, Milton, FL---