Welcome to my Speedruns web page. Please note that the direct downloads of these videos require Zoom Player or VLC Media Player. (For each video, the second link is a web-based version.) I owe the utmost thanks to Speed Demos Archive for capturing and hosting most of them. My routes are presented in Excel documents. (For those who can't view Excel documents, web-based mirrors are available courtesy of Google Docs.)


Banjo-Tooie: 100% (4:54:13 Game Time) [SDA][Youtube]

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Super Mario Sunshine: Any%, Warpless (1:59:49) [Archive.org][Youtube]

Super Mario 64: 120 Stars (2:09:40) [SDA][Google Video]


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This is by far my favorite Zelda game. The transformation masks add an entirely new dimension of gameplay; it's really too bad that it's so overshadowed by Ocarina of Time. This is also the first game where I attempted anything particularly hardcore.

6 Day Challenge [Archive.org]

When I first heard about SnapDragon's 3- (or 6-?) Day Challenge, I was astounded. The idea seemed absolutely ridiculous, but I eventually gave it a try. Well, I succeeded, and (after meeting Radix on GameFAQs's Pikmin Board) went on to record this video of it. (This was my first foray into speedrunning, and it leaves a lot to be desired; it's also obsolete, and probably not worth your time. Watch the 100% one instead!)

100% Completion (6:55) [SDA][Youtube]

Easily my single greatest video game undertaking ever. (At least until Super Mario 64.) After investing a lot of time researching this game and helping the speed run community sequence break it for TSA's first any% run, I decided to attempt this daunting task. Planning the route for this run was much harder than actually executing it. The sheer volume of tasks to consider is pretty large, but things are exponentially more complicated when you realize that many tasks can only be completed during specific time intervals. It took 6+ hours per day for 3 weeks to get my route ironed out. The result is pretty nifty. Of course, many new sequence breaks have been discovered since its completion, but I think this run still holds up very well. My route is outlined here and here.


My first GameCube game... it holds a special place in my heart :)

9 Days with 50 Pikmin [SDA][Youtube]

The 9-Day-Challenge is another of SnapDragon's conceptions. Later, the idea of the minimalist challenge was proposed by Ahlyis of GameFAQs's Pikmin Board, who first did it in 11 days. I brought it down to 10 (my obsolete 10-day-50-pikmin video is still up on Archive.org), but, while I suspected that 9 might be possible, it was a guy named Sess who finally brought Distant Spring down to 2 days. Crazy stuff. Fun fact: I recorded this entire run over a single weekend. I also have a 9-Day-Challenges FAQ published at GameFAQs.

Challenge Mode, Impact Site, 278 [Archive.org][Viddler]
Challenge Mode, Forest Navel, 482 [Archive.org][Viddler]

I recorded these videos mainly at the request of Radix, the benevolent webmaster of Speed Demos Archive, to get some additional Challenge Mode videos available on Archive.org (SnapDragon's Forest of Hope and Final Trial videos were already available). Neither of the strategies is of my design; they're the work of TomatoMan and Mikepharvey of GameFAQs's Pikmin Board, respectively. I had also planned to record a high-score video for Distant Spring, but those plans fell through; I just despise that level too much. Maybe I'll revisit it again someday. My best score for that level isn't particularly impressive, but I have perfects on the other four.

Super Mario Sunshine

Any%, Warpless (1:59:49) [Archive.org][Youtube]

This is Super Mario Sunshine, done fast. Yep...
I don't have much to say about this run, but I will note that my narrow clearing of the sub-2-hour mark was completely unintentional. Sometimes stuff just works out like that. There's finally a better version available, so watch that one instead.


This is a great game and an impressive sequel; Banjo-Kazooie is a very tough act to follow, but Rare did a lot of cool stuff here.

100% Completion (4:54:13 Game Time) [SDA][Youtube]

Runs like this are definitely my style. The route planning was pretty intense, but nothing compared to Majora's Mask 100%. The final sub-5 time was a pretty big surprise. Read the extensive comments on the SDA page for more info. My route for this run is outlined here and here. You can discuss the run here.

Super Mario 64

120 Star Completion (2:09:40) [SDA][Google Video]

Most everything I could explain about this run is detailed in my comments in the above link, so there's not much else to say other than go watch it right now! And please post feedback here. The 100-coin-routes that I used for this run are detailed here and here.

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