Stained Glass & Crystal Wind Chimes

Beautiful stained glass wind chimes for the garden and home! Hand-made with stained glass, semi-precious stones & crystals, crystal chips, Swarvoski and glass beads. No two alike, each a one time creation!
Wind chimes have been used since ancient times when the Chinese used them in their homes to regulate the Chi (energy) flowing around them. Chimes are uplifting, protect and repel negative energies. They are used in Feng Shui to help with the directional energies in a home, helping stagnant areas flow more evenly, repelling negative energies and can warn you of intruders!
Glass chimes have a distinct sound that resembles that of crystal glasses tinkling! Small glass pieces have higher, tinkly tones, while large peices have a more metallic like tone. Personally, I like the sounds of both in my garden and home, for the music they make is very individual. Every piece I create has its own tone! Some of the larger pieces take more than a slight breeze to move, while the smaller pieces will move in a slight