Craters in New Mexico

I have many images of normal craters at the northern edge of the primary impact zone. The geologists on the ground who didn't believe in the possibility of a giant, multiple fragment, thermal impact event have labled these craters as "enigmatic depressions".
I've been puttingt them all online in a photo gallery called Crater Fields. I haven't had a chance to study any relevant literature on them. And at this time all I've got are questions. But from what I can see there are too many craters in New Mexico to count. And if you look closely at the flow patterns of the blast effected materials you can see that the cratering was concurent with the multiple airburst thermal event that produced the ignimbrites.
If you want to look the locations up your self the Latitude, and Longitude are in each image. This stuff deserves a closer look.
And others are pretty dramatic.
We find very few of them are over lapping which indicates they were all flying side-by-side in the same event like a shotgun blast,
Impact fractures make good watering holes for cattle.