King's Wedding Area Worksheet

Maximum number of rooms is 10.  There's a lot of flexibility here, so just ask!
  • Do you have a name in mind of this area?  If not, what general theme or feel are you going for?  Area names cannot contain player names (ie, "Nhia's Nook" wouldn't be appropriate, but "The Eversong Glade" would be fine).
  • What kind of mood does this area have?  Lighthearted, dark, gloomy, cheerful, peaceful, something else?
  • Is there a theme to this area?  Pirates, S'Kra Mur, dessert, chocolate, Damaris, something else? 
  • Are there any special items you'd like to see in the area?
If you just have general ideas, that's fine!  Just let us know what you have in mind, and we can work with you from there.  We don't expect anyone to know or memorize every rule for area creation, so if you're not sure, ask!

Here is a basic format for rooms:

[Room Name]
Room text -- up to 511 characters.  Room text cannot force emotion or action, and cannot have moments frozen in time -- for example, you could not have a kitten leaping up to paw at a balloon, but you could say that there's balloons that a kitten will occasionally paw at.  Room text cannot perform actions on a person, such as knocking them down or making them dizzy.  Pickable flowers and gettable fruit/veggies are permitted.  No attackable creatures permitted.  Rooms can be indoors or outdoors.  Rooms can also have different texts for day and night, and also for different seasons as appropriate. Rooms and their contents must be in genre.
Obvious exits: These are the standard up, down, north, south, northeast, etc.  I find that drawing map can be especially useful for visualizing where the rooms go.

Necessary aspects:
  • altar in one room
  • area for food/drink
  • one room for dancing
Atmospheric messaging:
Atmospheric messaging may be written for one or more of the rooms.  Popular atmospheric messaging can include breezes, scents wafting through, birds, or any other background "noise" or common sights of the area -- ie, "The fire from the many braziers crackle, sending sparks spiraling into the air between the tall palm trees."  Atmospheric messaging is a great way to give your area life!

What we can't do:
- Hunting areas
- Anything sexual.  This includes BDSM themed areas, harem areas, or anything with an obvious sexual purpose to include "lockable" rooms.
- Activities that would produce significant items of value.  For example, a working fishing pier would be okay, but a pile of gold coins to dig through would not.
- No mythical creatures can live there, and nothing can be made of the parts of mythical creatures.  For example, a mural of a dragon would be okay, but the chapel being made of dragon bones would not.
- No references to the Necromancer's Guild, the Blackfire Cabal, or any other "evil" association without explicit permission from the Senior GameMasters.  You probably will not get this permission, though we will ask if requested.
- No use of sentient parts, such as a pyramid of Gnome skulls.  Just skulls would be fine.

We reserve the right to make the final call on allowing or not allowing other design elements when presented.  This document should not be considered all-encompassing.