Personal Wellness

Dimensions of Personal Wellness
Understanding the interconnected dimensions of personal wellness so you may enhance your own wellness is  a primary objectives of the Health and PE curriculum at MLWGS. 
Be well, dragons!

This guide empowers you to take control of your wellness with links to resources for informing your wellness decisions and tools for planning, setting wellness goals, and tracking progress toward those goals.  

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Doing in-depth research about health?  Check out the Biology/Health and Biopsych/Psych guides too

Tools for Fitness and Nutrition

Web Sites
SuperTracker (USDA), MyPlate (Livestrong), and My Fitness Pal (solo developer) 
CrunchFu (recommended by Coach Hall) - 0.99 cents - for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
My Fitness Pal (recommended by Ms. Crista Ellis) - free - versions for many devices and a site-based version. A solo developer in California created this app. What app might an MLWGS student create?

Reference Resources for Wellness
General sitesMayo ClinicWeb MD, Medline Plus (NIH), and MedScape Reference (academic)
Teen sitesHealthfinder for Teens (USDHHS), Medline Plus: Teen Health (NIH), Teens Health (Nemours)

Databases for Wellness Research

Articles in our databases
Better Nutrition (7/98-now)
Bike Magazine (10/99-now)
Black Belt (3/11-now)
Health by Time Inc. (3/10-now)
Men's Fitness (1/98-now)
Men's Health (6/90-now)
Prevention (5/90-now)
Runner's World (1/93-now)
Running Times (4/09-now)
Vegetarian Times (10/96-now)

Library books include 
Complete Book about Dodgeball
The End of Overeating
Fueling the Teen Machine
Play: How it Shapes the Brain,
  Opens the Imagination, and
  Invigorates the Soul
Runners World Complete Book of 
  Women's Running

Articles in our databases  
Cognition and Emotion - journal (1/98 to 18 months ago)
Depression and Anxiety - journal (5/96 to 1 year ago)
Journal of Happiness Studies (3/00 to 1 year ago)

Library books include 
Be Happy Without Being Perfect
Flourish: A Visionary New
  Understanding of Happiness 
  and Well-being
The Happiness Project
My Anxious Mind: A Teen's Guide
  to Managing Anxiety and Panic
Stress Reduction Workbook
Stumbling on Happiness
Too Stressed to Think? 
Intellectual (Mental)
Articles in our databases   
Common Knowledge - journal (1/02 to 1 year ago)
Guitar Player (6/92-now)
Psychology Today (1/92-now)
Thinking and Reasoning - journal (5/96 to 18 months ago)

Library books include
Are You Smart Enough to Work for 
Brain Rules
Caffeine for the Creative Mind
Moonwalking with Einstein
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Visual Intelligence: How We 
  Create What We See

Environmental (school, home, work, and community)

Articles in our databases
Backpacker (2/96-now)
Environment - journal (1/85 to 18 months ago)
Field and Stream (1/03-now)
National Wildlife (6/90-now)
Outdoor Life (2/01-now)
Sierra (5/90-now)

Library books include
Feng Shui: A Practical Guide
Organizing from the Inside Out
Where's My Stuff?
Relational (Social)
Articles in our databases
Cyberpyschology, Behavior, and Social Networking - journal (2/00 to 1 year ago)
Social Cognition - journal (10/03 to now)

Library books include
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth
The Highly Sensitive Person: How
  to Thrive When the World
  Overwhelms You
Letters to a Young Brother
Letters to a Young Sister
World Cafe: Shaping our Futures
 through Conversations that Matter

Articles in our databases
Asian Philosophy - journal (3/91 to 18 months ago)
Contemporary Buddhism - journal (5/03-now)
Cross Currents (6/90-now)
Humanist (1/92-now)
Jewish Bible Quarterly - journal (1/04-now)
Muslim World - journal (1/00 to 1 year ago)
U.S. Catholic (5/92-now)

Library books include
Faith Club
How to Meditate
Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life
Soul Searching: The Religious and 
  Spiritual Lives of Am. Teenagers