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Use VCU’s Journal Finder to see if a journal is available in a database. Only dual enrollment students in their second semester who have a VCU eID have access to VCU’s databases. 

To look up your eID, use the eID Finder. You will need two of the three following pieces of information: your date of birth, your VCU card number, or your VCU Banner ID (a.k.a V number).  Ms. Rainey, who coordinates MLWGS student registrations with VCU, can look up your Banner ID.

To obtain a VCU card (photo ID), follow the instructions @ VCUCard Online.

Borrowing privileges
All MLWGS students and faculty – VCU has revised its policy for high school borrowers for 2014/2015. Prior to borrowing from VCU Libraries the first time, you must complete the MW Library's Special Borrowing Privileges Agreement AND a VCU Libraries registration form. Both forms are available at the bottom of this page. Sign them (if you're a student, your parent or guardian must also sign them) and bring them to Ms. DeGroat. She will issue a one-time borrower use pass to you. You'll take that AND your VCU Libraries Registration form to the VCU Libraries the first time you go there.

Then, each time you wish to borrow books from VCU Libraries, you must see Ms. DeGroat to obtain another single-use borrower pass which will allow you to borrow up to 5 books (maximum total allowed) from the James Branch Cabell and Tompkins-McCaw Libraries. The loan period is 28 days. This policy applies to both teachers and students.

In order to obtain such a pass, your account with the MW Library must be in good standing (no overdue books or unpaid fees/fines).

Overdue fines and fees for lost or damaged books
Borrowing from VCU Libraries comes with significant responsibility.  VCU assesses overdue fines of .25 per item per day (maximum of $10 per item). If a book is 42 days overdue, a replacement book fee is automatically charged. The base replacement fee for books from Cabell Library is $80, and $150 for books from the Tompkins-McCaw Library. If such a book is later returned, there will still be a total of $20 owed - $10 for the overdue fine plus a $10 processing fee. Books damaged while on loan will be assessed fees for the cost of repairs.

For simplicity of accounting, VCU Libraries charges each high school for the overdue fines and lost book fees incurred by its borrowers.  However, the responsibility for these charges ultimately falls to you.  Therefore, if you incur overdue fines or fees for losing or damaging materials that you borrow from VCU Libraries, you will be responsible for reimbursing MLWGS for these charges. VCU Libraries will send reminders to the email you indicate on your VCU Libraries registration form.

Students enrolled in year-long VCU dual-enrollment courses have the same level of borrowing privileges as undergraduates (see undergraduate column of chart) during the SECOND semester of the school year. This is a separate policy from the high school borrowers policy and these privileges include off-campus access VCU’s online resources for students with an active VCU eID username and password. You may also seek the assistance of VCU's talented staff of reference librarians for the subject area of the course in which you're enrolled.

Communications from VCU Libraries
For dual enrollment students, VCU Libraries will communicate with you directly via your VCU email address.  If you do not plan to use your VCU email account, then take the time to set up forwarding of messages from your VCU email account to an email account you check regularly.  All students with VCU eID numbers may renew books and check their library accounts for fines online.  Fines may not be paid online, but may be paid in-person or over the phone.

For non-dual enrolled MLWGS students who borrow books from VCU with a single-use borrower pass,VCU Libraries will send reminders to the email you indicate on your VCU Libraries registration form. 

Hours and Computer Access at VCU Libraries

High school students and teachers may individually visit VCU Libraries at any time when the libraries are open; current hours are posted online After 10 p.m., Sunday - Thursday, an ID check is in effect and only members of the VCU community may access Cabell Library. VCUCard ID's must be shown for entrance at this time. Students and teachers with a current academic ID may use our guest access computer workstations to make use of our electronic resources, such as databases, and electronic journals and books, for one hour per day. Wireless access in our libraries is restricted to VCU students, faculty and staff. High school students can also use public computers in Cabell Library on Saturdays, when, space permitting, Research and Instructional Services staff can log them in for an extended basis; this access is for academic use only.

Arranging a class visit the James Branch Cabell Library
Teachers may coordinate with Ms. DeGroat to arrange a class visit to VCU Libraries; however, since VCU Libraries serves over 30,000 students, group visits are only possible when VCU classes are not in session. To discuss arranging a group visit for your students, please email Ms. DeGroat or stop by the library.

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