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Practicing the scientific method drives the hands-on research approach of physics, but to develop a hypothesis, you need to be familiar with relevant research and previous experiments.  This guide will help you develop a search strategy, evaluate sources, write the lit review section of lab reports, and document your sources in APA. 

Science Daily - Space and Time
Science Daily - Matter and Energy
Science Daily - Computers and Math
 NY Times - Space and Cosmos
 NY Times - Physics
 NY Times - Technology
 SciAm - Space
 SciAm - Physics
 SciAm- Technology
 Biology and Health
 Biopsych and Psych
 Data and Statistics
 Science Current Events

Understanding Context
  • topic overviews
  • reference book articles
  • secondary articles/essays
  • books - introduction
EBSCO ebooks - see list below
History of Science Sourcebook
MW Library Catalog - reference
Opposing Viewpoints
PowerSearch (Gale) - books
Salem Science - pamphlets
Science VRL bookshelf (incl. Science in Dispute)
Wikipedia (uneven coverage)
Delving Deeper
  • primary research articles
  • reports and statistics
  • books - detailed chapters
  • data sets
AP Source - mag & journal articles
Google Scholar
Highwire Press
Microsoft Academic Research - similar to Google Scholar
MW Library Catalog - books
SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (Harvard) - data sets - reports
Science Accelerator - reports
Science Direct (full-text available on campus only - use Journal search, limit to last 5 years)
Zenodo - grey lit database
Specific Projects/Topics
  • project guides
  • search tutorials
  • virtual bookshelves
  • handouts
Houghton - Nuclear Power

Note: Not all articles in scholarly journals are original primary scientific articles. There are news briefs, reviews, and essays too. Here's one article that is not primary. Contrast it with one that is an example of primary scientific research

For scholarly articles, go to...
Science Direct - see screenshot below re: setting limiters (full-text only available from on-campus)
AP Source - scholarly journals
PowerSearch - peer-reviewed
PLoS ONE (open source)

Ref articles in Salem Science
Nuclear Power - Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues
Nuclear AccidentsEncyclopedia of Environmental Issues
Nuclear Energy - Encyclopedia of Global Warming
Nuclear Energy - Encyclopedia of Global Resources
Nuclear Power Industry - Historical Ency. of American Business

Other projects
Boyle - Physics Classroom (Mr. Boyle frequently assigns modules on this web site)
Clark - Forensic Chemistry
Donahue - Biopsychology
Edgerton - Inheritance Patterns
Riles/Walter - VCU Stats

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