Languages Guide

Exploring a country's history and culture, understanding its role in international relations, and working with primary texts in the language you're studying are some of the reasons that might lead you to conduct research in international languages.  As you begin your learning journey, invest time in preliminary reading so you travel with a sense of context.  This guide will help lead you to sources for understanding your research topic in its broader context, as well as sources for improving your language skills, exploring relevant primary documents and scholarly articles, and creating recordings of yourself speaking.

 Global Studies
 Current Events (non-English)
 Maps and Charts          

Understanding Context
  • topic overviews
  • reference book articles
  • viewpoint essays
  • books - introduction
Background Notes (USDoS)
BBC Country Profiles
CIA World Factbook
EBSCO ebooks - beware of bias
MW Library Catalog - reference
Opposing Viewpoints
PowerSearch (Gale) - books
Delving Deeper
  • primary sources
  • scholarly articles
  • reports and statistics
  • books - detailed chapters
AP Source - mags and journals
Historical Newspapers
JSTOR - scholarly archive
MW Library Catalog - books
NationMaster - statistics
PowerSearch (Gale) - articles
Specific Projects/Topics
  • assignment-specific links
  • virtual bookshelves
  • handouts
  • tutorials
Bennington - Poetry Translation Ctr (founded in 2004 to translate contemporary poets from Africa, Asia, & Latin America into English)