Before checking out a Kindle for the first time, students and teachers must complete a Kindle Use form (PDF below) and submit it to Ms. DeGroat.

Kindle Program FAQs

  • How many Kindles does the library have?  Five
  • How long is the checkout period? Four weeks
  • What e-books are on them? Varies 
  • May I renew it? Yes, unless someone else is waiting for one
  • How much is the overdue fine? $1 per day
  • What if I lose or break the Kindle or its power cord? Then you are responsible for replacing what is lost or damaged. Costs: Kindle without ads ($99); cover ($10); power cord ($20)
  • When did the MLWGS Kindle program begin? Fall 2010 (the English Dept got a set in Spring 2011)

What Books are on our Kindles?
Each kindle holds a themed collection of six or more e-Books, as well as a core collection of free public domain e-books frequently assigned by MLWGS English teachers. Current themes include:
  • sci-fi/fantasy
  • global traveler (world lit)
  • writers' toolkit
Tips for Using a Kindle
  • To turn the Kindle ON/WAKE it, slide and release the power switch. 
  • Browse the list of books on the Kindle by using the forward and back arrow keys on the sides of the Kindle. These are the same buttons you use to turn the pages of a book.
  • To open a book, highlight its title using the 5-way controller (the square button surrounded by a raised bar - between the Menu and Back keys). Use the top and bottom of the raised bar to move up and down the book list. Press the square button in the center to open the highlighted book.
  • To turn the Kindle OFF (this is not necessary, but does conserve power), slide and hold the power switch for 7 seconds before releasing it.
  • If you get lost navigating the Kindle, the Home button takes you back to the main menu.
  • To conserve power, keep the wireless turned OFF. From the Home screen, press the Menu button, then select Turn Wireless Off.
  • If the Kindle freezes up, restart it by sliding and holding the power switch for 15 sec. then releasing it.
Wendy DeGroat,
Apr 27, 2015, 12:26 PM