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Are you curious about turning back time to eavesdrop on what historians of a particular time said about the events happening around them and how their perspectives differed?  Do you enjoy examining how historians' arguments about an event have changed over time?  When you read historians' work, do you investigate their background to better understand the personal lens they brings to their interpretations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be headed toward a profession in history - or a life in another profession enriched by a lifelong passion for history.  If this describes you, consider taking 20th Century Historiography, an elective offered periodically by Mr. John Wilkes.

To examine a snapshot of a historian's work within the larger body of history scholarship over time, use JSTOR's Data for Research (see example for Gordon S. Wood at bottom of this page).

Key words/phrases for finding historiographical resources
(may be useful when searching subscription databases, library catalogs, and the open Web)
annotated bibliography, bibliography, bibliographical essay, historical method, historiography, method, methodology, philosophy of history, research method, review essay

Historians' Backgrounds
When Wikipedia isn't enough...

Level/area of expertise?
Search words: resume, credentials, curriculum vitae, publications, awards, presentations, annotated bibliography, bibliography, book reviews/review essays about their works

Where to look: in encyclopedias and reference books (print and online), on their web pages, conference sites and proceedings where they're presenters, credentials listed in articles they've published, biographical notes in books they've written, interviews

Search words: controversy, controversial, critic, criticism, questioned, sided, petition, errors of interpretation, wrong, dismissed, misleading

Books and e-Books

MW Library Catalog
History reference includes:
  • Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives
  • Dictionary of American Biography
Circulating books include:
  • Historiography: An Introduction
  • From Reliable Sources: An Introduction to Historical Methods
  • Historians and the Living Past: The Theory and Practice of Historical Study
EBSCO ebooks include:
  • Historians and Nationalism: East Central Europe in the 19th Century
  • German Catastrophe? : German Historians and the Allied Bombings, 1945-2010
  • Historiography of Communism
  • Iran in the 20th Century : Historiography and Political Culture
Other Book Sources 
Google Books - preview book then use Find in a Library link (on left) 
VCU Library Catalog - dual enrollment students can use their VCU id; otherwise, complete the university borrowing agreement (requires parent / guardian signature) and return it to Ms. D 
Online Resources

Library databases (need login)
AP Source - mag & journal articles
Historical Newspapers
PowerSearch (Gale) - articles
Salem History
U.S. History VRL bookshelf
U.S. History in Context

Open Web (free) resources
American Presidency Project (also check presidential libraries)
Congress.gov (1995-current)
Digital History Projects from UR - creative visual presentation of historic data/primary documents
GPO Federal Digital System - incl. Congressional records prior to 1995
Microsoft Academic Research - similar to Google Scholar
Oral History in the Digital Age (LoC) - how to collect, curate, and preserve oral histories
OpenCRS - some here, some in PowerSearch and on other sites

2013/14 supplemental resources
AIDS.gov (federal portal)

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