Global Current Events

Accessing current issues of specific news magazines featured in the table below requires a user name and password if you're off-campus.  This login is available in the MW Library and in the library's share folder.

 Non-English Current Events
 Science Current Events
The Economist (1988-)
 Newsweek (1990-) Time (May 1990-) US News & WR (1990-)

Search a broad range of newspapers and magazines in PowerSearch or search magazines in AP Source.

Do you have an ongoing assignment to track current events?  

The Organizing RSS Feeds (PDF) downloadable from the document list at the bottom of this page explains how to organize live streams of news and other updates - knowledge you can apply to add a live stream of news to your itslearning My dashboard or other personal dashboard tool.

NEWS search engines
Search the last 30 days of multiple news sources
Google News
Google News – Advanced Search
Altavista News
Ask News
Bing News
Yahoo! News
Yippy News
World News Sources
Al-Jazeera America (launched 8/20/13)
BBC World News
Inter Press Service (NGO focusing on global South)
LinkTV (501c3 based in California)
Newseum: Interactive Map of Today's Front Pages (select a region using the menu across top of map)
NYT World News
UN News Centre - select region with map on right
World Affairs Journal - select region from top menu
Worldpress Directory of World Newspapers (go to the source news sites - articles reprinted on the Worldpress site may be excerpts or edited versions)
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