Epidemiologists study health and disease from both the biological and policy perspectives, conducting clinical research, collecting and analyzing data, and considering the various ways that technology innovations could impact the prevention or spread of disease. To keep up with the latest news regarding outbreaks, consider subscribing (in DIGEST form) to the ProMED listserv.

For an intro to the field, read Epidemiology for the Uninitiated from the British Medical Journal (BMJ). View current outbreak news on the Health Map (global or local) from Boston Children's Hospital. Get interactive by completing web-based exercises in EpiVille (designed by Columbia University). 

Sci Daily - Public Health
 SciAm - Health
NY Times - Health
 Biology and Health
 Biopsych and Psych
Data and Statistics

MeSH Vocabulary
In 1960, the National Library of Medicine created a specific vocabulary for labeling and organizing biomedical literature, such as articles found in the PubMed database: MeSH (Medical Subject Headings). Familiarize yourself with MeSH and how to use it BEFORE you start researching.
WATCH a video introduction (11 minutes) to MeSH Vocabulary
SEARCH the MeSH database to find the official MeSH terms for your topic
READ a detailed tutorial about MeSH vocabulary

Delving Deeper
  • primary research articles
  • reports and statistics
BioMed Central - articles
Google Scholar
Highwire Press
Microsoft Academic Research - similar to Google Scholar
MW Library Catalog - books
National Institute on Drug Abuse
NSC Environmental - reports
PLOS Pathogens - articles
PowerSearch (Gale)
PubMed Central
Science.gov - reports
Science Direct (most recent 5 yrs; must be on-campus to access FT)
WHO Global Health Library
Zenodo - grey lit database
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Mar 27, 2013, 9:48 AM