Economics and Personal Finance

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The ability to manage your personal finances and understand how the markets work will put you a step ahead as you move into your financial future. Some MLWGS students take AP Economics, and beginning with the Class of 2015, every student in Virginia must pass Economics and Personal Finance to graduate. These resources provide support for students at both levels. (Photo by

Learning and Research Tips
  • Just getting started? EconEdLink from the Council for Economic Education offers i Gen Revolution, an online personal finance game, and several lessons and tools to help build your knowledge.
  • Taking Econ/Personal Finance online? Check out Everyday Finance: Economics, Personal Money Management, and Entrepreneurship. The content closely mirrors the VDOE's course outline.
  • Casual interest in this topic? Explore Savings and Investment Information for Teens (2009)
  • Digging deeper? In economics, the freshest thinking and research often appears first in working papers. You'll find several sources for papers in the For Closer Study section of this guide.  Evaluate for bias since working papers often align with a particular economic philosophy.
Building Understanding
  • reference book articles
  • books - introductions
  • tutorials, overviews
  • CRS reports, policy briefs
Books and eBooks
MW Library Catalog -reference
EBSCO eBooks -reference

Overviews, Intros, Briefs
Background Notes (USDoS)
BBC Country Profiles
CIA World Factbook

How Stuff Works - Stocks
Investor Protection Trust - many booklets and tutorials 
Khan Academy - Current Economics (more finance under menu heading Humanities & Other)

For Closer Study
  • scholarly articles
  • books - detailed chapters
  • case studies, working papers
  • data and statistics
Books and eBooks

Articles, Papers, Studies
AP Source (EBSCO)-journals, mags
Economic Policy Institute
EconPapers (gateway to RePEc)
Fed in Print -FRB publications
(FRB) FRED -current Fed data
(FRB) ALFRED -archival Fed data
Federal Reserve -working papers
Google Scholar -articles, reports
Intl Monetary Fund Publications
JSTOR -scholarly studies
NationMaster -statistics
Peterson Institute -working papers
PowerSearch (Gale) -articles
Media, Tools, and Fun
  • DVDs, TV, and videos
  • online tools
  • podcasts, blogs
  • competitions
DVDs, TV, and Videos
Freakonomics: The Movie (2011)
Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business, and Beyond (2008)
Moneytrack - TV series, public TV
Your Life, Your Money (PBS, 2009)

Online Tools (incl. iPad app)

Making Numbers Fun
Armchair Economist (306.3 LAN)
Cartoon Stats Guide (519.5 GON)
Freakonomics (330 LEV)
Superfreakonomics (330 LEV)
Undercover Economist (330.9 HAR)
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