Biology and Health Guide

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Practicing the scientific method drives the hands-on research approach of biology, but to develop a hypothesis, you need to be familiar with relevant research and previous experiments.  This guide will help you develop a search strategy, evaluate sources, write the lit review section of lab reports, and document your sources in APA. 

Nature (1997 - one year ago)
Scientific American  
(Jan. 2005-now, text only)
Science Current Events

 Biopsych and Psych
Physics and Math

Writing in the Sciences
Even if you love the sometimes flowery, sometimes metaphorical style of literary writing, strive for science writing that is focused, conciseclear, and supported by scientific theory, scientific evidence, or both.  Let your creativity show in the originality of your analysis, hypothesis, or evidence-based idea, rather than in your vast repertoire of adjectives.

Understanding Context
  • topic overviews
  • reference book articles
  • secondary articles/essays
  • books - introduction
AP Source - includes Discover, Newsweek, Scientific American, Time, and Psychology Today
ARKive - reference re: plant and animal life with amazing visual imagery of the natural world
Centers for Disease Control
EBSCO ebooks - see list below
Encyclopedia of the Earth
Healthfinder (from USDHHS)
History of Science Sourcebook
Medline Plus (from NLM/NIH)
MW Library Catalog - reference
Online Biology Book - resource recommended by Mr. Barnes
Opposing Viewpoints
PowerSearch (Gale) - books tab; magazines include Popular Science, The Economist, Mother Earth News, and Wired
Salem Health (incl. Psychology)
Salem Science
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Teens Health (from Nemours)
Wikipedia (uneven coverage)
Delving Deeper
  • primary research articles
  • reports and statistics
  • books - detailed chapters
  • data sets
AP Source - includes the journal Nature (with 12-month delay)
BioMed Central - articles
Google Scholar
Highwire Press
Microsoft Academic Research - similar to Google Scholar
MW Library Catalog - books
National Agricultural Library
National Institute on Drug Abuse
NSC Environmental - reports
PLoS ONE - articles
PowerSearch (Gale) - see results under Academic Journals tab
PubMed Central
Science Accelerator - reports
Science Direct (on campus only, limit search to last 5 years)
Specific Projects/Topics
  • assignment-specific links
  • virtual bookshelves
  • handouts
  • tutorials

Course/project bookmark lists

Clark - Forensic Chemistry
Donahue - Biopsychology
Edgerton - Read like a scientist

Acids, Bases, & Buffers

From Virtual Reference Library

pH (World of Earth Science)

Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

Bases (Chemistry)

Acid-Base Chemistry (Chemistry)

Homeostasis (Biology)

From PowerSearch

Homeostasis (Enviro Ency)

From Salem Press Online

pH (Ency of Global Warming)

Acid-baseindicators (Forensic Science)

EBSCO eBooks (in AP Source)

Our MarvelousBodies: An Introduction to the Physiology of Human Health

Essentials ofAnatomy and Physiology

Supplemental Open Sources 

Wikipedia (look for B quality or better, preferably GA, A, FL/A)

Homeostasis (Wikibooks)

Homeostasis (U of Wisc-Mad)

Biological homeostasis (The Encyclopedia of the Earth)

Acid/Base Basics (UC Davis)

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