American History Guide

Examining primary sources lies at the heart of history research, but before you delve into the details, invest time developing an understanding of your topic in its broader context by consulting sources listed in the Understanding Context section of this guide, like U.S. History in Context

Reviewing for the APUSH exam or doing some pre-reading to create a mental scaffold for remembering info in an upcoming unit ?  Check out the Gilder Lehrman Institute's APUSH Study Guide
Need Scholarly Sources? Primary? Search journals and pamphlets in JSTOR.
Understanding Context
  • topic overviews
  • reference book articles
  • viewpoint essays
  • books - introduction
American Panorama - interactive Atlas of United States History for UR's digital scholarship lab
Constitution and Legal Info (Cornell U) - includes an annotated U.S. Constitution
MW Library Catalog - reference
EBSCO ebooks - beware of bias
Encyclopedia Virginia (VFH)
Open CRS - reports by the Congressional Research Service
Opposing Viewpoints (Gale)
PowerSearch (Gale) - books
Public Policy bookshelf in VRL 
Salem History - great reference for American decades research (federal gov portal)
U.S. Gov bookshelf in VRL
U.S. History bookshelf in VRL
U.S. History in Context

Historic Newspapers

Chronicling America (LoC) - U.S. newspapers, 1836-1922; use topic lists for tips and ideas
Colonial Newspapers - list of links for Dr. Ericson's project
PowerSearch (Gale) - 1980-now
The Reflector (UVA) - African Am. newspaper, 1933-5
Richmond Daily Dispatch, 1860-5 (U of R)
Virginia Chronicle (LVA) - database of VA newspapers
Virginia Gazette, 1736-1780

Topical Archives
primary & secondary sources

America at War, 1941-5 (U of R)
Jackson Davis Collection (UVA on Pinterest) - African American schools in the southeast

Virginia History

LVA Digital Collections - Search* (scroll down to see search example in next part of guide)
VA DHR archive of nomination forms for National Register
VCU Digital Collections by Topic - or Search* (see example below)
Virginia Memory (LVA) - by topic

American History

American Presidency Project - U.S. presidential libraries have online exhibits and archives that include primary source material.
AP Source - mag & journal articles - legislation, floor debate transcripts, and more
Historical Census Browser (UVA) - census data by state and county for a given year (1790-1960); p.121 of census guide details population questions over time
National Security Archive (GWU) - Electronic Briefing Books incorporate declassified docs
Office of the US Historian - digital records of US Foreign Policy by administration
PowerSearch (Gale) - articles
Richmond History

Adolph B. Rice Photo Collection (LVA) - 1949 to 1960, 400 of the 16K images in this collection; 550 selected photos on Flickr too
Carneal & Johnston Negative Collection (LVA) - 215 photos of Virginia buildings incl. Richmond Dairy, First Virginia Regiment Armory, Colonial Theater, Richmond College (now U of R), and Virginia Military Institute
Historic Richmond photos (Dementi Studios)
Hopewell United Mine Workers, mostly 1947-1957 (LVA on Flickr)
Jackson Ward (VCU) - also accessible on Flickr
MCV's story of bones - Mr. Raviotta edited the related documentary 
Rarely Seen Richmond (VCU) - 600 vintage postcards, 1900-1930
Richmond Commission of Architectural Review (VCU) - 7K color photos, 1965-2000
Richmond's Jewish communities - article by Mr. Slipek
School Buildings (LVA) - photos from 1920's to 1970's
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