About MW Library

The Maggie Walker Library has a few simple rules. Please follow them.

Check out the green dragon printed on the 3D printer in the library!

Find a creative diversion at the library's Creativity & Calm Station.

Ms. Wendy DeGroat
a.k.a. your resourceress


8:30am-3:20pm, M-F
(Research coaching available before/after school by appointment)

Loan Periods

Books - 28 days, may be renewed twice
Kindle, CDs - 28 days, may be renewed once
Reference - overnight

Late/Lost Items
Kindle, reference books - $1 per item per day
Lost items - replacement cost plus processing

Special Collections
Guidelines for using books in the 2nd floor special collections room

Library Assistants
2nd pd: Genna
4th pd: D. Russell
7th pd: Olivia & Leigh
8th pd: Lyndsey
Wendy DeGroat,
Feb 12, 2016, 6:52 AM