Dragons and Dragonkin

Dragons on the world of Esfah are not like many other fantasy settings.  They are elemental beasts, summoned by mages into the world, often breaking free of their summoners control and wreaking havoc across the landscape.  Many types of dragons exist.   There are two types of dragon in the game.  Drakes and Wyrms.  Drakes have wing icons, which means they sometimes fly away.  While wyrms have a treasure chest which allows for unit promotion.  
Single element dragons: 
There are gold, fire, air, water, and death dragons (drakes and wyrms).  
SFR has also produced Ivory and White dragons
Hybrid Dragons:
 SFR has also produced a whole range of hybrid dragons. Mixing all the different elements in every combination.  

Dragonkin are like the dragons in that they are elemental beings that can be summoned to the battlefield by mages.  However they cannot leave the terrain they were summoned to, and are loyal to your army (unlike dragons that attack everyone).  They also cannot take part in magic or missile rolls.  They do have an automatic save which makes them useful, as well as when they are killed they go back to the summoning pool.  
Dragonkin also have Champions that are 4-health units.  They are powerful Dragonkin when you can summon them (fairly costly).  They do have a breath attack, fly and smite (as well as just looking cool.)

Hybrid Dragons

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                        A full set of hybrid dragons

White and Ivory Dragons

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                                                            White Dragons
                                                      A set of Ivory Wyrms
                                                       A set of Ivory Drakes

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