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In the time line of Esfah there arose a schism after the birth of the Elder Races, but before the issuance of the Younger Ones. What caused this discordance, none can say. Speculation has it that, in the aftermath of the fiendish atrocities committed by Death upon his siblings, Eldurim and Firiel, Nature took her four eldest children and hid them from Esfah to soothe their troubled spirits.
Death was too distracted with his new creations to notice Nature’s withdrawal. But there was one who did not fail to notice: Tarvenehl, the Father, He Who Is All.
Tarvenehl has ever been distant, reluctant to interfere with the affairs of others. What prompted him to descend to Esfah is beyond all knowing. Suffice it to say that he did. He looked about him, saw the Elder Races already engaging in the ruthless sport of war, and shook his head. He splayed out his hands, and from them dropped the Amazons, fully formed.
The Amazons were nomadic herders, and they bred monsters to fend off predators. The half-human Centaur, the fearsome Chimera, the many-headed Hydra, and the snake-haired Medusa all guard and protect the Amazon lands.
Of the Nightmare, the fifth Amazon monster, there persists only rumors.

Terrain Advantage: Amazons may, when at a flatland terrain, count maneuvers results as if they were missile results.

Magic Use: Amazons may only cast magic based on the colors of the terrain where they are located (e.g. an Amazon in coastland can cast both blue and green magic). Amazons can only double their ID results when at a terrain containing the Standing Stones as its eighth face (i.e. the eighth face does not need to be showing).

Reserve Attack: Amazons, when in the reserve area, cannot use magic. Instead they may select an enemy army at their home terrain or the frontier and take a missile action. If part of a multiracial army in the reserve area, Amazon missile results are counted when the other units roll for magic.

Black (Death) Spells
ASHES TO ASHES Casting Cost: 2
PALSY Casting Cost: 3
REANIMATE DEAD Casting Cost: 3
DEADLANDS Casting Cost: 4
FINGER OF DEATH Casting Cost: 4
HONOR THE DEAD Casting Cost: 4
Target any DUA. Until the beginning of your next turn, only dead units with the black (death) aspect
in the target DUA can be buried. This spell can be cast only once per magic action.
OPEN GRAVE Casting Cost: 6

Blue (Air) Spells
HAILSTORM Casting Cost: 2
Target one of your magical items, artifacts, or medallions in play. Immediately move the target item to any of your other armies. Multiple castings target multiple items.
BREATH OF LIFE Casting Cost: 3
WIND WALK Casting Cost: 4

Green (Water) Spells
WATERY DOUBLE Casting Cost: 2
WALL OF ICE Casting Cost: 3
FLASH FLOOD Casting Cost: 5
WALL OF FOG Casting Cost: 6
DELUGE Casting Cost: 6
Target any terrain. Until the beginning of your next turn, subtract four maneuver and four missile results at the target terrain. Multiple castings target multiple terrains

Gold (Earth) Spells
STONESKIN Casting Cost: 2
DUST TO DUST Casting Cost: 3
PATH Casting Cost: 4
HIGHER GROUND Casting Cost: 5
Target any enemy army. Until the beginning of your next turn, subtract five melee results from the target army. Multiple castings target multiple armies.

Red (Fire) Spells
ASH STORM Casting Cost: 2
SPARK OF LIFE Casting Cost: 3
BURNING HANDS Casting Cost: 4
FLAMING SPEARS Casting Cost: 4
Target one of your units not already under the effects of a Flaming Spears spell. The target unit’s missile results are doubled. This spell remains in effect until it is used by the unit or until the unit generates non-SAI missile results needed by the army. Multiple castings target multiple units.
DANCING LIGHT Casting Cost: 6

Elemental Spells
Target any terrain. Immediately send any ivory dragon in a summoning pool to the target terrain. Multiple castings target the same or multiple terrains.
Target any terrain. Immediately send any elemental dragon with the same color as the magic used to cast this spell to the target terrain. Multiple castings target the same or multiple terrains.