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Outline of Play
1. Decide total force size
2. Assemble armies
3. Set the battlefield
4. Determine order of play
5. Place armies
6. Determine starting distances
The Turn Sequence
1. Spell and effect expiration (beginning of turn)
2. Initial Effects Phase
• Racial abilities
• Eighth face special location icon abilities
• Royalty Die abilities
3. Dragon Attack Phase
4. First March
• Maneuver
5. Second March
• Maneuver
6. Reserve Phase
• Reinforce
• Retreat
7. Spell and effect expiration (end of turn)
Dragon Attack Sequence
1. Resolve Eldarim special abilities.
2. Roll Dragons.
3. Resolve all Breaths.
4. Resolve all Treasures.
5. Army’s response to the dragon’s attack.
6. Dragon slaying.
7. Resolve Wings.


"Dragon Dice Reference Book" and "Dragon Dice Rulebook" 
These are the official rules, but redone by me.  I removed all of the examples, and divided the main rules from the reference section.  I think it is easier to read through.
I also added lots of pictures, and a background to make is more fancy.  I have both printed out and put together on A4 size paper.  

For the official rulebook go to:
Chris Bogert,
Dec 21, 2013, 7:30 PM
Chris Bogert,
Dec 21, 2013, 7:30 PM