What is Dragon Dice? 

Dragon Dice is a game of fantasy battles waged across the young world of Esfah.  Armies struggle for dominance and control of the terrain using brute force, wise tactical decisions and magic harnessed from the elements themselves.  
There are 13 fantasy races to choose from: Coral Elves, Lava Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Frostwing, Undead, Amazon, Scalders, Firewalkers, Treefolk, Acolytes of the Eldarim, Feral, and the Swampstalkers. 
Each races has access to magic spells, special racial spells, magical items and artifacts.  Armies can be allied to create unique forces, or armies can be made entirely from one race. 
The battles are fought in different terrain represented by terrain dice.  The different terrains are Highlands, Coastland, Flatland, Swampland, Wasteland, Feyland.  
There are also minor terrains such as bridges, knolls, villages and woods.
Last but not least are the fierce Dragonkin, and Dragons.  Elemental beasts summoned by magic to fight for your armies, but be wary of the Dragons as they have no master. 


SFR is the company that now produces Dragon Dice.  After TSR went under, Wizards of the Coast picked up the license for Dragon Dice, but never produced anything for the game.  A group of dedicated fans teamed together and bought the license to begin making the game again.  
Since then, they have made the game available in several countries and most gaming stores (if your FLGS doesn't stock it, ask them to.).  
In addition to making the game available, they have produced new products to continue with the plans of the original game, re-made the original races with an additional monster and developed much better rules.  
Check out the website: http://www.sfr-inc.com
         Acolytes of the Eldarim
     A new race developed by SFR

      Dwarf and Goblins monsters 
 New dwarf 5th monster Behemoth
  New goblin 5th monster Cannibal

             New Special terrains
  Wastelands, and Feyland terrains       and Castle, Grove, Vortex and           Dragon's Lair terrain types.
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