Acolytes of the Eldarim

They were the lonely legends of Esfah; the ancient race of Eldarim, Dragonhunters and Dragonmasters. Their power against dragons inspired awe; their might in arms and magic aroused wonder. Their solitary existence lasted for centuries. Whether they were originally of Nature or Death no one knew, but each held the power of one of Esfah’s elements in hand. A select few even gained power over all the elements, and became mighty Dragonlords and Dragonslayers.
Yet, although they were wanderers throughout the land, they attracted small groups of followers. The Eldarim began teaching these curious ones the powers of the elements they knew. As the acolytes gained control over their element, they also began to gain control over the elemental creatures of Esfah. True, they were no match for the dragons, but the dragonkin found in them kindred souls-elemental beings who were somewhat less than their mightier cousins. Skilled warriors, swift cavalry, crafty shield-bearers, and elemental mages learned to harness powers they had little dreamed of. Some of the very gifted were selected for advanced training in secret locations and rose to the status of Dragonhunter or Dragonmaster themselves.
Communities of these acolytes soon took root. As they did, they were drawn into the battles between the children of Nature and the minions of Death. They found welcome in many of the armies in the land, and even beyond. With their affinity to the Dragonkin, they brought a new, singular fury and new elemental powers to the battlefield.
Once again the balance of power in Esfah is changing-but who will gain from it?

Resist Fear: When Eldarim are part of the same army as dragonkin, dragonkin are allowed to roll against elemental dragons of the same color, hybrid dragons with a matching color, ivory dragons, or white dragons. Pick dragonkin up to the health of Eldarim with the matching color to roll in this dragon attack.

Sacrifice Dragonkin: During your Initial Effects phase, one of your Eldarim units in the DUA may be exchanged for any of your dragonkin units in play of equal health. Dragonkin go back to the summoning pool, while the Eldarim joins the army which had the dragonkin. When an Eldarim unit is killed by an individual-targeting effect, instead of sending it to the DUA you may instead send a summoned dragonkin unit in the same army of equal health back to the summoning pool.

Eldarim Champion’s Effect on Dragons
Dragon Taming: Dragonlords (DL) and Dragonmasters (DM) have the ability to tame dragons. If
the DL/DM’s SFR/TSR logo is rolled, the dragon is immediately tamed. It does not attack the DL/DM’s army during this turn. The battle ends with no damage to either side. The DL/DM now controls the beast. During future turns, when the dragon would battle an opponent’s army, the army controlling the dragon decides whether the attack occurs.
If multiple Dragonlords and/or Dragonmasters roll their SFR/TSR logos, their owner decides which take control of the dragon(s). If the taming attempt fails, the dragon proceeds to attack the army. During an attack by multiple dragons, if a DL/DM takes control of a dragon, the owner of the DL/DM chooses which dragon is controlled.  Dragon taming cannot occur if a dragon attacks another dragon, only when dragons attack the army containing the DL/DM. If there is a dragon of a different color (except ivory dragons) at the same terrain, the dragons will always fight each other (even if one or more of them are tamed). If a tamed dragon defeats the opposing dragon(s) and is the only dragon left at the terrain, it will remain behaving as a tamed dragon, attacking armies only if the taming player desires.
If a tamed dragon attacks an army containing a DL/DM, and that DL/DM rolls its SFR/TSR logo, then control of that dragon is taken from the current DL/DM and passed to the DL/DM that just rolled its SFR/TSR logo.
A DL/DM can lose or relinquish control of a tamed dragon (i.e. the dragon becomes untamed) in several ways: the DL/DM is killed; the DL/DM leaves the terrain without the tamed dragon (e.g. via reserve move, Path, Leaving or Open Grave); the DL/DM tames a different dragon; another DL/DM takes control of the dragon; a Dragonkin Champion rolls its SFR/TSR logo and moves the dragon to another terrain; a player rolls a Summon Dragon SAI on a Dragon Staff artifact; or the dragon is killed. A non-ivory dragon controlled by a DL/DM can be summoned (per the spell) away from that control. In this case, it can even be summoned to the terrain it currently occupies. If this happens, the DL/DM may attempt control again.
Dragon Slaying: Dragonslayers and Dragonhunters have the ability to instantly slay dragons. Each Dragonslayer and Dragonhunter that rolls its SFR/TSR logo allows the acting player to immediately kill one dragon. In addition, any dragons killed by the logo face of a Dragonhunter are banished (removed from the game and cannot be summoned back).
Dragon Conrol: Dragoncrusaders and Dragonzealots have the ability to control dragons. Each Dragoncrusader and Dragonzealot that rolls its SFR logo allows the acting player to control one dragon. The dragon may be held motionless (do not roll it) and the army can attack it normally. Or the dragon may be made part of the attack against other dragons.
The Acolytes of the Eldarim have access to all the basic spells of their element as well as the
following racial spells:
Demote Dragonkin (4): Target one color of an enemy army’s Dragonkin with a color different from the color magic used to cast this spell. All Dragonkin of that color must immediately roll an ID icon or be demoted (one health only). If any roll belly then they are buried. Dragonkin that cannot be demoted are simply returned to the summoning pool. All the Dragonkin of the targeted color in the casting army are buried. Multiple castings target multiple armies. 
Dispel Dragonkin (4): Target any enemy Dragonkin with a different color than the color used to cast this spell. Immediately inflict one point of damage to the target unit with no save possible. Multiple castings increase the effect or target another unit. 
Promote Dragonkin (3): Target one of your Dragonkin in any of your armies with the same color as the magic used to cast this spell. This Dragonkin can be immediately promoted. Multiple castings target multiple units or increase the health. This spell allows you to promote to a unit of greater health (not just one health more) with multiple castings. 
Rise of the Eldarim (3): Target Eldarim units in your DUA. The target unit is immediately recruited into the casting army or promoted into your casting army. Multiple castings increase the number of health affected. This spell allows you to recruit or promote to a unit of greater health (not just one health more) with multiple castings.