Francesco's Home page

Current academic Affiliations:

Professor of Economics, University of Messina

Ortygia Business School, co-founder

CSEF Fellow, Naples

CEPR Fellow, London

IZA Fellow, Bonn

Marco Fanno fellow at Unicredit & Universities


Op-Ed in Corriere della Sera, October 2018

Op-Ed in Corriere della Sera, March 2018

Op-Ed in Corriere della Sera (pdf) July 2017

New revised version of Compliance Behavior in Networks with Friederike Mengel and Christian Traxler

New paper on the Political Cost of Being Soft on Crime with Roberto Galbiati and Francesco Sobbrio

New post-doc grants and scholarships offered by Unicredit&University Foundation

I am Professor of Economics at the University of Messina, a Research Fellow at CSEF in Naples and at CEPR. I am a co-founder of Ortygia Business School and panel member of Economic Policy