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Please feel free to join the flickr group and add an image of your own cassette colelction to the pool.  

Project Description 

My research project is being conducted online using the photo sharing site Flickr.

I am using images posted to that site and others gathered online, to make observations how people interact with the media format known as compact cassettes (pre-recorded, re-recorded, and mix tapes).

Cassette tapes are now part of our media history, but there is are remnants from this time still tucked away under the bed, in the back of the closet or attic. There are many reasons why some have chosen to keep these artefacts, and that in part is what the research is about.  

As we obtain more and more information in digital formats, the strategies that we have for collecting and archiving it is transformed.  Both by the affordances of the media, and the interfaces we are given to manipulate it.  It is here where I feel my research may be able to inform future design interventions.