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Instructions for contributing images.

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There are two ways you can contribute described to the right. 

1. Join the flickr group and add your image to the pool.

2. Email your image directly

Check out the description to find out bit about me and the goals of my research.

Thank you for your interest :


Would you like participate in the project?

Here is how you can.

Take a Photo 

The first thing you will need to do is dig out your old tape collection (or whatever is left of it), and take a picture of it, getting as close up as possible. Ideally you will be able to read the lables on the side of the tapes. 

If you are using a digital camera, you can proceed to the one of the options for submission below. If not, you will have to do to the additional step of scanning your photo so it can be submitted electronically.

After you have a good picture of your tapes, you can send it to me in one of the folowing ways. If you have the time, the first way is preferred. (should take no more than 15 min)

Submit your photo

1. add your photo to the flickr group

I. You will need either a Yahoo or Flickr account to before you can do this. (you can use your existing Yahoo ID to join Flickr) These services are free but do require you to remember a username and password.

II. Login to Flickr, and go the group page called My Cassette Collection.  Click "» Join this group?".

III. Upload your pictures to Flickr. They will appear under "your photos". This is my photos page...


IV. Click on one of the images getting the larger view. From here, you can click "send to group" at the top of the image, and choose the my cassette collection group you just joined.

V. Now for the fun part!

Also from the large view, you have the option to "add notes".  Notes allow you put a drag a selection box around a specific part of the image, (like a ceratin tape) and write a short description about it. Kind of like adding a post-it. 

You can write anything you like about your entire collection, or about a certain tape that is important to you.




2. send a photo via email

Since the above procedure could take up to 15 minutes, you may find it faster and easier to simply email me the picture you take.

This is still excellent for my research, but sad for othere members of the group that might want to see what your tapes look like.

Please feel free to email your pictures to