Donating Equipment to ALSA-CT

The ALS Association Connecticut Chapter

Durable Medical Equipment: Donations

The ALS Association Connecticut Chapter (ALSA CT) accepts new and gently used donated Durable Medical Equipment (DME). As of September 2018, ALSA CT can only accept returned and donated items from families registered with the Chapter, due to limited space in inventory. ALSA CT cannot accept DME donations from the general public at this time.

It is strongly advised that donors check the items they are donating for stickers that may indicate specific vendors items should be returned to. In some cases, DME is provided by insurance on a rental basis and donors should be mindful not to donate items they may not have ownership of.

Please note: ALSA CT will provide an acknowledgement letter to donors for tax purposes once donations are retrieved. ALSA CT is unable to provide appraisal value for donations and an appraisal value is not included on donors’ acknowledgement letters. For more information please contact your tax advisor prior to donating DME. You can also visit the IRS website for FAQ’s regarding charitable donations.  

Please view the lists of items below that indicate which DME the ALSA CT loan closet can accept and items the loan closet cannot accept. If ALSA CT cannot accept an item, staff will try to provide you with alternative organizations that may accept the donation. If you are interested in moving forward with a DME donation, please email, or call 203-874-5050. Arrangements can be made with ALSA CT DME vendors for pick-up or drop-off depending on the location and type of DME.

*Items NOT Accepted and/or Not Currently Needed: Respiratory Equipment (non-invasive ventilation, suction machines, cough assists), Feeding Tube Formula, Hoyer Lifts, Semi-Electric Hospital Beds, Used Commodes/Raised Toilet Seats, Adult Diapers, 2 wheel walkers (silver), Canes, IV Poles, Fabric Recliner Lift Chairs 

If you would like to donate a communication device, please contact ALSA CT for more information.

*Items Accepted and Currently Needed in New or Gently Used Condition:

If donating powered equipment, please be sure the batteries are in good condition and there is a usable charger.

-       December 2018 Update **((ITEMS ALSA CT NEEDS MOST: Travel Scooters and Portable Power Wheelchairs, Sit to Stand Patient Lifts, and Reclining Shower Chairs))**

-          Manual, Transport or Power Wheelchairs, Travel Scooters, Rollator Walkers (4 Wheels)

-          Fully Electric Hospital Beds and Air Mattresses (cannot accept regular hospital bed mattresses)

-          Rolling Shower Chairs, Shower Chairs, Tub Benches, Sliding Tub Benches

-          Recliner (powered) Lift Chairs - VINYL ONLY (no fabric)

-          Stair Lifts (only specific models accepted, please contact ALSA CT for more info)

-          Electric Sit to Stand Patient Lifts

-          Hospital / Adjustable Tables

-          Ramps (depending on style, size, brand, please contact ALSA CT for more info)

-          Transfer Items: Pivot Discs, Transfer Boards, Beasy Boards, Gait Belts