Dear Neighbor, 

It’s time for renewed leadership that works with the people in our community; one that brings fresh ideas to the table and accomplishes them quickly and efficiently. I bring that experience. As a dedicated ward councilmember for 12 years, I have seen it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly. During that time, I have built a strong reputation as a problem solver. I am proud to be a consensus builder who finds solutions, working with business leaders, councilmembers from across the aisle and most importantly, neighbors like you.

My aim is to always address the concerns of our community. As a father, I understand the importance of a strong school system. As a hard worker, I understand the need to provide for our families. As a homeowner, I want safe streets and neighborhoods. As a councilmember, I have seen for far too long a lack of vision and a lack of innovative ideas to address the problems of today.

With your help, we will bring pride back to our city. In January, city council members voted unanimously for me to be their leader as Council President. On November 5th I ask for your vote to be the leader of Cuyahoga Falls. I am excited as we grow our campaign and I urge you to become engaged and volunteer today! It’s time!


Don Walters
Your Candidate for Mayor
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