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As part of engagement in the Open Government Partnership, the US government is required to develop an OGP country plan with concrete commitments on open government.  The government makes public commitments to both domestic and international audiences, accountability for those commitments is built into the OGP process, and the government’s reputation is openly on the line.

To set high standards for the US government's third plan, civil society is creating a model plan. We invite civil society members to submit their own model commitments through this site, and break down the big goals of openness into concrete steps that could be reasonably taken over a year's time. Several issues included in civil society's first model National Action Plan were incorporated in the government's second NAP

The ideas featured on this site represent an effort to magnify civil society’s engagement during the creation, as well as the implementation, of the third plan and strengthen the quality and comprehensiveness of the government’s commitment to openness.