In starting a construction project, it is never wise to cut corners on who can provide the lowest price. As a residential design company we strive to satisfy your expectations as much as possible within the confines of your budget. It is our sole responsibility to know what we can or cannot do (and) not mislead any client if there is any questionable areas prior to accepting a project.


We can provide "estimates" via email or phone, but our fees are not set until we: 


First, meet with you to discuss your desires for the project. At that time we provide a Fixed Fee not an hourly rate (unless it becomes necessary outside the realm of our contract). 

Second, prepare conceptual drawings for your review. Additional follow-up reviews fine tune the initial concept design.

All projects have a base fee of $1000 up to 500 s.f. Any thing above 500 s.f. is a $1.00 more per square foot. 

        Example: A 1200 s.f. remodel and addition

                    $1000 for first 500 s.f.

                    $700 for 501 to 1200 s.f. (700 s.f.) 

 *Additional fees dependent upon complexity of project and reviewing agency.  


Custom Homes: Based upon square footage starting at $1.50 per square foot and up. In some cases (due to complex and more detailed requirements) the fees may be higher. Additional fees will be incurred depending on Owner’s preferences for the project.