Drafting and Design Service

S e r v i n g  P I N A L  A N D  M A R I C O P A  C o u n t i e s

Who we are
Drafting and Design Services, a family business, in Ahwatukee area of Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Goal
To provide design services for obtaining building permits. If you are a Developer, Contractor or Home Owner, we can provide a quality and complete set of construction drawings.

Our Service
Design and Drafting for residential projects: Custom Homes, Additions, Remodels, Garages, and any other structure you need to construct.

We also can provide low cost asbuilt floor plan of your house for space planning purposes or for what ever you need done

Your Task
Contact us by E-Mail draftingservice@gmail.com or by phone (480-463-1745) for a free quote.