The Draft Distro

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The Original Draft Distro started on 01 January 2008 as add-ons to actual honest to God report distribution I managed while deployed with the Army.  At the end of a long day, it was a challenge to come up with serialized short stories to tack onto the e-mails with the real work and important stuff.  People (with one notable exception I won't go into right here) really dug it, and soon no one was really paying attention to the work, and instead folks wanted the next part of the story.

Eighteen stories spanning the history of the world, the furthest reaches of the Human mind, and the depths of Human emotion. Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Alternate History, Americana, and Horror all come together in this original collection. An Old Man longing for a piece of his past stumbles onto a glimpse of the future in "The Baseball." An immortal ponders the end of the Earth in "The Long Walk." A Soldier returning from the Korean War find a little Arizona town bullied into submission in "Pendleton." A woman given a window into death must decide if she will share what she has seen in "Diagnosis." A life-saving robot faces a spiritual crisis when ordered to let a patient die in "Silicon Ecclesiastes." A young Frenchman plots to save Joan of Arc from the stake in "A Soldier's Love."  

All of these and many more are waiting for you when you receive The Draft Distro.