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The site is wet and is open from 5pm on the 30th March until 2pm on the 1st of April. Noise should be kept to a minimum after 11pm as there will likely be scouts camping in the rest of the grounds away from our buildings. Please also complete the dietary requirements form below. 
The site requests that outside shoes are not worn within the building. Pleased be advised!

Full Event on site accommodation including feast £42.00

Full Event Camping on site including feast £42.00

Family cap of £84.00 (plus non-member surcharge if applicable so £94.00)

Children under 12 free

Non-member surcharge £5.00

Day trip including feast £42.00

Full event no feast £36.00

There are 49 beds available in a mix of dormitories ranging from 2 person to 12. After these are filled there are 30 crash spaces available in the Lynmouth Chalet, which the site also provides basic sleeping mats for. A sheet and pillow case are provided for the bunks but aside from that your own bedding will be required. 
We also have plenty of camping facility in the surrounding areas around both buildings for both period and mundane camping. 
We will have bedding available for those people who cannot bring their own, but it will cost an extra £5.

Reservations made by UK residents will only be complete upon payment. Reservations outside the UK will be confirmed once travel details are received. Cheques should be made payable to Depedene SCA Shire.

Reservations should be made to:
Mary Verch Thomas (Mary Frost) at mary(at)maryfrost(dot)org(dot)uk with appropriate changes for symbols
Please include the following information:

Legal name:
SCA name:
Society Member: Yes/No
Contact Email: 
Booking Information: Complete event/beds/camping/day tripping/etc
How many people are you booking for:
Their SCA names:
Special needs for accommodation: Disabled/small children/etc
Whether you will require pick up:

Mary Frost
34 Sutherland Avenue
S. Glos
BS37 5UE


Christian Trenchard (Claire McKinnell) Email: ormsweird(at)gmail(dot)com
Richard the Rampant (Paul Thane-Clarke) Email: richard(at)brighthelm(dot)org

Head Cook
Ceara inghean eion McLucas  Email: trekatz(at)yahoo(dot)com

Dietary restrictions and requirements form

Locals B&Bs and Hotels: These are the closest available.

Forge Bank Mill Guest House - Longhurst Lane, Marple Bridge, Stockport    0161 427 9345 
3 double bedrooms, one en-suite 50-80 pounds per night

Oakfield Lodge - 38 Arkright Road, Marple, Stockport    0161 427 1633
4 double or twin rooms, 30-90 pounds a night

Springfield Hotel Marple  - 99 Station Road, Marple SK6 6PA, England 0161 4490721
8 rooms, 60-80 pounds a night