Research Students & PhD Committees

PhD defense committees
2013    Jetzabel M. Serna-Olvera “A Trust-driven Privacy Architecture for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks”, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain.

Supervised PhD students (with Prof. Neeraj Suri)

2006-2010    Faisal K. Shaikh “Tunable Reliability of Information Transport in Wireless Sensor Networks”.
2006-2010    Brahim Ayari “Perturbation-Resilient Atomic Commit Protocols for Mobile Environments”.
2007-2013    Piotr Szczytowski “Adaptive Sampling in Wireless Sensor Networks”.
Since 2007    Azad Ali “Prediction-based Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks”.
Since 2008    Vinay Sachidananda “Quality of Information Aware Design of Wireless Sensor Networks”.
Since 2009    Daniel Germanus “P2P-based Protection of Critical Infrastructures at the example of Power Grids”.
Since 2010    Mohammadreza Mahmudimanesh “Compressive Sensing in Wireless Sensor Networks”.

Supervised degree project works (in the last 5 years)
A. Awadalla    “OpenDSS and OMNeT++ Co-Simulations For Smart Grid”.
R. Elsayed     “Wireless Ad Hoc PMU Networks for Efficient Protection of Smart Grids”.
H. Eissawy     “Mobility-assisted Delay-tolerant Compressive Sensing”.
K. Wahby     “Quality-aware Compressive Sensing in WSN”.
A. Nasr     “Supporting Dynamic Topologies in Wireless Control Networks”.
A. Hammad     “Implementation of Wireless Control Networks on TinyOS”.
J. Bayoumi     “Design of a Fuzzy Controller for Wireless Control Networks”.
M. Hassan Hamed “Spatiotemporal Compressed Sensing in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks”.
S. Alboghdady     "Using Scalable Probabilistic Structures for Ranking Patient Urgency in Mass Casualty Incidents"
H. Cheng     “A Comparative Study of Map Construction Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks” published at IPCCC 2011.
D. Paltrinieri     “Defending DDoS Attacks through a Novel Continuous Suspicion Assignment Mechanism”.
N. A. Alkadri     “Security Metrics for Cross-Domain Financial Critical Infrastructures”.
D. Germanus     “Using P2P to Enhance SCADA Systems Resilience” published at ISARCS 2010.
S. Jeckel     “Benchmarking of P2P Technologies from a SCADA Systems Protection Perspective” published at Mobilight 2010.
M. Mahmudimanesh “Compressive Sensing for Wireless Sensor Networks”, published at SUTC 2010.
S. Momo     „Map-based Prediction of Network Partitioning in Wireless Sensor Networks“.
M. D. Nguyen     “Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey and Future Works”.
E. Bleim     “Implementation and Evaluation of Fault-tolerant Mobile Transaction Commit”, published at E-Medisys 2008.