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Contact the Scheme Organiser by email (yanatainsh@hotmail.com) or phone (07789540831) to partake of the Scheme.






 1. Box of PotsOne box of assorted size plant pots 27/6/2014 Open
 2. Glass Demi-johns  OFFER of 6 glass demi-johns suitable for winemaking 1/7/2014 Closed 13/11/14
 3. BooksLOAN of Various allotment related books available 1/7/2014 Open
 4.Plastic table and chairsOFFER of 75cm square green plastic table and two chairs TAKEN 1/7/2014 Closed 24/7/14
 5.Wire hanging baskets OFFER of 8 x 12" green plastic coated wire hanging baskets 1/7/2014 Open
 6. Leek seedlings OFFER of leek seedlings, approx. 5 per pot. 20 pots available TAKEN 1/7/2014Closed 24/7/14
 7.Shed  WANTED a shed 1/7/2014 Open

Remember the DRAA Committee cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of an item being loaned. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the loaner to advise the loanee of any Health and Safety requirements for the item being loaned along with any associated operating instructions (as applies to petrol driven and mechanically operated items).