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Water Usage


This Code of Practice has been devised to reduce as far as possible inconvenience and nuisance to allotment holders with respect to the use of the water supply on site. Compliance with this Code is mandatory for

plotholders on the Dartford Road Allotment Site under the terms of the rental agreement for each plot, in line with the resolution passed at the Meeting of the Association which was held in June 1991.



1. If a hosepipe has been attached to a tap, it is the responsibility of the owner of the hosepipe concerned to ensure:
(a)   That the hosepipe is not left unattended.
(b)   That the communal water tank (if any) adjacent to the tap remains full throughout the period of hosepipe use, if necessary by disconnecting the hosepipe temporarily to refill the tank.
(c)   Where there is no communal water tank adjacent to the tap, that the hosepipe is disconnected whenever other plotholders wish to fill watering cans or buckets directly from the tap.
2. Whenever two or more plotholders wish to use hosepipes from the same tap, priority must be yielded to any plotholder who wishes to use a hosepipe for the sole purpose of filling a water butt or butts.
3. Hosepipes must not be connected to the taps whenever an official "hosepipe ban" is in force, whether by order of the Trustees of the Association or of Thames Water Utilities Ltd., although a small length of pipe

may be used to fill the communal water tank (if any) adjacent to the tap.

4. Dating from the June AGM meeting in 2015, the use of 'non-handheld' sprinklers is not permitted. This ban was made a permanent rule at the 2017 AGM and was extended to cover 'soakers' or similar devices.
5. Any plotholder who wishes to bring a complaint under this Code of Practice should contact the Secretary, preferably in writing.