Rank Structure

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New Recruit


  2nd  Rank Recruit








Staff Sergeant





 The numers for these ranks are based on who is next in line to rank up. Number One being the first in line to rank up.



















Backgrounds are One Third, Primary- Squad Color, Secondary- Steel.

Probationary period for you to decide if DPU is right for you. This is where you get your new uniform.





Participate in clan activities and get to know clan members. You must be a recruit for one week and/or recruit one more member in order to become a Private.






Learn the rules of DPU. Be an active member in your clan. Understand how things work. Make freinds and get recommended by your peers to become a Sergeant.




Welcome to the family! Must be a role model to all ranks below you. Discuss and practice game strategies with other members. Recruit new members and encourage others to recruit members. After you have recruited 10 members or been in the clan for 2 weeks you may contact a captain to become a staff sergeant.




Send clan invites and help to manage the recruits. You are an example to all ranks below you, stay active in clan activities. You should know the rank structure. You can help to set up any practices or meetings.





Practicing, recruiting, and helping others got you here. You have fulfilled your duties as a Sergeant. By now you should know the rules, the rank structure and the recruitment process. Now you must help your Captain organize practices and meetings. Also help solve any problems the lower ranks might be having, and try to keep our members active.







As a Captain you must possess strong leadership qualities. You are in charge of oraganizing meetings, practices, and other clan activities. You must forward any messages from higher ranks to who they need to go to.  It is your duty to appoint youself a qualified Lieutenant to help you complete these tasks. You are to guide and help your Lieutenant solve any problems that occur. Any major problems are to be reported to a general. You must also help to keep the structural integrity of this clan by watching over all lower ranks.




You are top of your squad. You run the show inside and out. You make sure everyone below you is doing as they should. You are the link between your squad, other squads, and the Leaders. You will cooperate with all ranks to make DPU an enjoyable clan experience. You must oversee all activity within your squad. You should keep track of all activities done by your squad and report to Council. If you have been loyal to DPU and went above and beyond the expectations of the Council, only then will the Council elect for you to be promoted by approval of the Creators.




You oversee the Generals and keep track of their overall accomplishments with their squads. You make sure any news about DPU is given to the Generals and followed down through the chain of command. All decisions about the rules, rank structure, direction of the clan, or anything else are made by you and the Creators. This is the highest rank achievable to anyone joining the clan.



Created, founded, and began this family that we have become a part of.



P - Squad Color

S - White




Snake (toggled)

S - White







P - White




Sergeant (toggled)

S - White







P - White

S - White






Double Crescent

P - White

S - Gold








P - Gold

S - White 








P - Steel

S - White









P - White

S - White