Code of Conduct

DPU                                                                                   Code of Conduct

I. Teabagging is highly encouraged. That's right, feel free to tap your sack on anybody's chin! If you don't want to, then don't. The choice is yours.

II. Trash talking is allowed. Though it is not encouraged, you may trash talk as much as you would like to. Once again, entirely up to you.

III. Glitching is allowed. If there are glitches in the game that anyone can do, you can do them. Superbouncing, BXR, double shots, and any other glitches like these are in the game without modifications. Feel free to use these glitches in any gametype.

IV. DPU members must be over sixteen years age, unless approved by a Leader or Creator.

V. Do not mod. Unless you really want to. DPU does not in any way condone modding. Modding in matchmaking is highly disliked. You may or may not get banned from DPU for this. Simply because xbox live does a pretty good job of banning modders from matchmaking. On the other hand, modding in custom games is allowed.

VI. DPU members are not required to ever change their gamertag. If they wish to change it, they can.

VII. Violation of the Code gets the member a warning. Two warnings are enough to get banned, if seen fit by a leader. Violations of the Code consist of, but are not limited to, the following: aggresive behavior towards other clan members, extensively stalking people without their consent, not sharing secrets about Halo 2, and any other violations the creators decide upon.

VII. Bottom line - learn new things, teach people things, and of course have fun!  (without all the restrictions of some other clans)