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Church Tournament

 Wednesday May 30

The 2v2 Halo 2 tournament held at a church in Champaign, IL was a F*cking Riot! DPU Underground had two teams at the tournament. One team barely made it to the top ten, while the other finished (arguably) second. This was a double elimination tournament where winner would take the pot and second place gets their entry fee back. The team that our DPU lost to was part of the team who got fourth at this years MLG Charlotte. And yes 4th place at MLG Charlotte means that they are officialy Pros.

Because we had to be out ouf the building by a certain time, the tournament was never actually finished. The rules were also slightly changed before the last three rounds. Either way, the tournament got cut short and we may never know what could have happened if it wasn't for these circumstances falling on us.

For more pictures and info check out the Church Tourney page.


Tuesday May 29

Wbesite is up and running! There's not a lot here, but there is plenty more to come. There is an update in Uniforms. We now have some new colors. We also have new emblems. Check it out in the Rank Structure section.  Feel free to leave any comments on the DPU MySpace or on the shout box on the home page.  Thanks For Visiting the site!!! Stay in touch!