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Technology Support

Assistive Technology Support Videos! 

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Assistive Technology Department Questions:

How to request AT

How to schedule an AT Appointment

How to request an apps for IPAD

How to set up an Apple ID for ATRT IPADS

Speech to text:

Turn on speech to text on iPAD (Dictation)

Turn on Siri for iPAD

Turn on speech to text for MAC (Dictation) with enhanced dictation, Russian Accent

Turn on speech to text for MAC (Dictation) - without enhanced dictation

Find speech to text apps on chromebook

Using speech to text on a Chromebook (Read & Write)

Using Google voice search

Text to speech:

Find text to speech apps on chromebook

Use text to speech on iPAD (Speak Screen)

How to turn on highlighting words on an iPAD for text to speech

How to inscrease text size on an iPAD

Turn on and use text to speech on MAC (Voiceover)


Use text to speech on MAC

Guided Access:

How to turn on guided access on an iPAD

How to use guided access on an iPAD

Word Prediction:

How to use word prediction on an iPAD


How to turn off/on iPAD accessibility features - ZOOM

Miscellaneous troubleshooting:

How to update an AT Chromebook

How to turn on accessibility features on a Chromebook

Finding, installing, and removing apps on the Chromebook

Overview of Read & Write for Google

R&W Screenshot Reader

R&W Word Prediction

R&W with ePubs and PDF

R&W Highlighting/Vocabulary Builder

R&W Simplify and Summarize

Overview of Chromebook Accessibility

Chromebooks and UDL: Zoom, focus, and T2S