Date: 26 May 2015
Co-located with: IFIPTM 2015 (http://s.ifiptm.org/conf2015)
Venue: University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.


The protection of personal data and users’ privacy is a major concern especially with technology advances that make the data accessible from anywhere. Research often focuses on the security of data and the prevention of data breaches. However, privacy and data protection extends beyond security mechanisms and links to several other concerns that relate not only to technological aspects but also societal and regulatory aspects that can affect greatly how we protect our data and maintain user privacy in the process. One major concern is lack of transparency on data protection measures taken by service providers and how these handle customer and consumer data. This affects consumers’ trust for new technologies (e.g. cloud eco-system). Another concern comes from the recent Snowden revelations regarding state access to data held by private enterprises without the knowledge of those whose data it concerned (PRISM, TEMPORA). In all, a pressing question is how transparent information processing actually is, especially, when it comes to processing of personal data in complex environments, like cloud ecosystems. Companies need more than ever to prove to businesses and consumers how they handle their confidential and personal data. Transparency and accountability are gaining attention as a result.

This panel aims at bringing researchers from different disciplines to discuss recent advances in privacy-enhancing technologies, transparency, and accountability mechanisms. Security experts are needed to develop technical tools that will implement data protection in practice, by promoting accountability and transparency to the benefit of individuals and companies. Data protection experts are needed to indicate exactly what needs to be done and to ensure that technical tools actually comply with fundamental requirements set by law. 

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Marit Hansen
Marit Hansen profile picture Marit Hansen is Deputy Chief of Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD, Independent Centre for Data Protection) where she is in charge of the "Privacy Technology Projects" Division and the "Innovation Centre Privacy & Security". Since her diploma in computer science in 1995 she has been working on privacy and security aspects especially concerning anonymity, pseudonymity, identities management, biometrics, multilateral security, privacy by design and privacy by default from both the technical and the legal perspectives. In several projects she and her team actively participate in system design in order to support privacy technologies and give feedback on legislation.

Main organisers and Panel Co-ordinators 

  • Rehab Alnemr (R&D Engineer, HP Labs, UK)
  • Carmen Fernandez Gago (Malaga University, Spain)

Panellists and Program

The panel is a part of IFIPTM conference. Please refer to their program for the time table. The Panellists are:

  • Marit Hansen, Deputy Chief of the Independent Centre of Data Protection,Germany
  • Theo Dimitrakos, Chief Security Research Professional at British Telecom and Computer Science Professor at University of Kent , UK
  • Stephan Marsh, Information Systems Professor, Faculty of Business and Information Technology, University of Ontario, Canada
  • Simone Fischer-Huebner, Computer Science Professor, Karlstadt University, Sweden


University of Hamburg

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