Another Design

For people who want to know what some of the other Google Page Creator templates look like.


Hi—it's me again, David Pogue. 

I actually find it kind of cool that you can even wrap text around graphics in this Web-based Web-design program.  

<-- This photo was taken of me by my son when he was 5. Now THAT is a testament to how good digital SLR cameras are!

“The Girl I Met by E-mail”

Since you've come all this way to look at this dummy page, here's a little entertaining something for you: a song spoof I wrote.

(Sung to the tune of "The Girl from Ipanema." Hope you know that one!)

Tall and tan and young and lovely,
The girl I met by e-mail’s amazing,
Each night she writes me these sweet delights; 
I go, “Ah!”
Sweet and smart and svelte and sexy, 
The girl I met by e-mail says
She’s in town tonight, coming down tonight, 
I go, “Ah!”

Oh, I’d have paid all my money,
Just for this chance to adore her!
Just one thing strikes me as funny:
If this babe is so drop-dead terrif,
Why hasn’t she sent me her GIF?

Short and stout and kinda greasy,  
The girl I met by e-mail in person
Is nothing like I’d pictured her to be.
The joke is on me. 
Turns out she’s a HE! 

—David Pogue

Did you miss my first experiment page

I hope you're not actually reading all this, by the way. It's purely dummy text intended to show some of the different canned design templates available in Google Page Creator. But if you've read it anyway, well, thanks.